Murphy Bed

Wallbed Features

Solid Wood & Solid Hardwood Ply Construction protected by a premium 11 step lacquer finish. Solid wood protection built in at all wear points, as well as all edges & corners. Headboard holds linens in place upon closing unit. Mattress retained by full girdle under linens. Accepts any standard mattress up to 10 inches thick. Beam Panel Platform provides firm & flexible support. Closed cabinet only 17 inches deep.

Open bed uses only 6 inches more space than mattress. Patented gas piston lifting system provides smooth, quiet motion & cannot fail by breaking a spring. Survives in tensive 10,000 cycles test, no negative effect. Assembled with only a screwdriver and allen wrench. Installed with only some screws into wall studs. No complicated floor drillings needed for installation.


Beautiful wood grain appearance & structural integrity. Pillows & bedding stay put.

Add a guestroom without a contractor "now you see it, now you don't". No contractors, no carpenters, no holes in the floor, no all day installation. Space saver, takes less room space. Easy, safe & reliable to operate. Simple installation ~ can be disassembled or removed for relocating to another site.